Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Copyright of Images

I have a question. Are the images I take from Google all copyrighted? And if so, how do I find out and where do I go to ask permission? I certainly don't want to be sued for infringing copyright on an image. Maybe I should make my own. I could draw something, take a picture of it, and post it to my blog. I sometimes, even often, use my own photographs.

I found a site with images that are public domain but they charge a few hundred dollars for subscribing every month.

I think a bit of searching on the internet might come up with free images.

If anyone can help I'd be grateful. And if I'm infringing on someone's copyright I apologize perniciously and will immediately remove the offending image.

For example, I used a space war image meant to promote my upcoming book The Jive Hive. I have a wonderful publisher who will supply me with a cover page and graphics (I presume) for my book cover and personal use. When that arrives I will be so elongated. Until then serrate head and puzzle. Perhaps be in deep doo doo yet again for ignorance and hitchhiking the galaxy without permission.

I found a site with free images but my computer detected malware when I tried to download the image. So I saved the image in Dropbox, not ideal, it has their logo on it.

Help, anyone?


  1. We all enjoy free.

    If you can find out who owns an image then ask for permission. If not and to be safe, use sites that are "free for personal or business use" or the copyright has long since expired. I heard copyright laws are different in each country. Play safe and ask.

    Maybe you know an artist who would enjoy their pictures and name posted as the artist. Maybe your children or neighbours kids would enjoy drawing something for you?

    I can get many photographs from the UK because I know a few photographers. Lucky me. But if it boiled down to needing a cartoon image, then I've only got two people to fall back on or I can one of my friends photographs and change it until its unrecognisable. (they liked that..lol)

    Some sites have low cost pictures you can use. I figure it really depends what you want. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks, Jessie, you helped me find free sites and I also use Fotolia, pay a minimum charge for each downloaded picture. That's my favorite probably and I don't have to worry about attribution. I take a number of photographs myself but it's a good idea to collect them from friends and then give them credit. I also draw so could draw my own cartoons and so on. Thanks for your help.